General questions about the whole process

Is it free to apply to your program?

You can apply for Free but you won’t have the interview guarantee with us to answer your questions and you won't have an interview with any company. You have to pay 49 EUROS to apply to our program so you can have access to interviews with a company.

What does the 49 euros fee cover?

The fee will cover a complete service. We will review your resume, add your profile to our candidate center, set up interviews with different employers

Are the fees of 49 Euros refundable?


When do I pay the fees of 1499 Euros?

When you accept an offer from a company that is interested in your profile

What does the 1499 euros fee cover?

The fee will cover a complete service: The paid work experience in the selected company, Visa & relocation assistance, 24/7  help during your stay in the US.

When can I register to your program?

You can register anytime by completing the Expatriation Form on the website

Do I need a valid passport to start the process?

You don't need the passport for us to find the position for you, but you will need it for the visa application. So you can register with us at the same time as renewing or applying for a passport.

What is the difference between Intern and Trainee?

You are Intern : when you are still at school or graduated less than one year, 

You are Trainee : When Graduated for one year or more, with at least 1 year of related professional experience

What are the main conditions for me to qualify for the program ?

Have a degree outside America or be studying for a post degree diploma

Hold a passport from Europe 

Have a minimum budget to travel to the US

Have a good level of English

Be available for at least 6 months ( 12 months recommended)

What is the recommended duration of the program?

We recommend applying for the maximum time of the visa, to have the best experience.

12 months when you are an Intern, 18 months when you are Trainee

Do I need a school agreement (convention de stage) to go to the US with your program?

You don t need a school agreement, the visa J-1 is the agreement for you to go to the US.

You don’t need to be a student. The program is open to student and non-student. 

How long does it take for Intern Abroad to find an internship?

It depends on your qualifications and experience. Usually it happens within 2–3 weeks if you respond to our customers need.

Are the internships paid or unpaid?

The internships are paid, but the amount varies by industry and employer. We guaranty a minimum of $1000 monthly

Do I have to pay taxes on my salary?

You pay minimal taxes (City and Federal) that you get back at the end of your internship by filing a tax return.

Can I contact my employer directly for questions I might have?

Intern abroad remains your contact for any question you may have. Your only contact with your employer will be during the interview. And when you booked your flight and know your date of arrival.

What if my internship does not work, could another placement be made?

It depends on each case, but if it is necessary, we will do our best to find you another placement.

When do I have to pay the fees? And how?

Fees are paid when you have agreed to an internship that Intern Abroad provides, by wire transfer.

When should I book my flight ticket?

You can book your ticket when you have an appointment at the US embassy and that you have checked with our team or with the sponsor.

Does Intern Abroad assist me in finding housing?

We will help you however we can, but we are not responsible to find one.

How do I apply for mandatory insurance?

You will pay it to your sponsor agency. You can ask them the details of the cover

Visa procedure

Can I apply for a visa through Intern Abroad if I already found an internship by myself?

Yes, of course! We have visa services only. Please contact to schedule an appointment and to check your eligibility, and the one from the company,

Does Intern Abroad help coordinate every document and appointment between the employer, visa sponsor, Embassy and myself?

Yes, we will make sure everything to speed up the process

How long does the visa procedure take?

If you have a valid passport and all necessary documents, it can be taken care of within one month including the Sponsor and Embassy timing.

When should I schedule my appointment at the embassy?

When your sponsor has approved you.

How do I fill out my J1 visa application with the sponsor?

  • You will be asked different dates for the program: Dates of arrival & departure (1) and dates of internship (2):
  • (1) Can be 30 days prior and 30 days after the dates of internships. 
  • (2) Indicate realistic date, the ones you discuss with the employer

What are the Durations of each J-1 visas and the possibility of renewal ?

  • You qualify for ‘Intern’ if you are still a student or graduated in the last 12 months
  • As an intern the length of the visa is for a maximum period of 12 months and can be renewed as many times as you wish with a 3 months gap in between.
  • You qualify for ‘Trainee’ if you graduated more than a year ago and have at least one year experience in a related field outside the U.S.
  • As a trainee the length of the visa is for a maximum period of 18 months and can be renewed as many times as you wish with a 2 years gap in between. 

What is a DS-7002?

It is a contract between you, the employer and the sponsor with your Training plan. DS-7002 is prior to DS-2019, Intern Abroad makes sure your employer fills out these forms.

Can I email my application to Intern Abroad in order to make sure everything is filed accordingly?

Yes, of course

What is the 2 years rule written on my visa?

This rule means that you cannot apply for any other visa for 2 years after the end date of your internship and is applicable to students who receive an educational sponsorship by the government.  Your visa will state if the 2 year rule applies to you or not. 

Once you arrived in the US

What do I need to do when I arrive in the US?

You must notify your sponsor that you have arrived in the US and that you have started your internship, as well as your address (even if temporary) in the United States. This must be done within the 20 day following your official program start date (the date mentioned in Section 3 of the DS-2019). 

How to I register to Social Security? 


To Find the nearest office to go ( go first hour in the morning, no appointment needed)

But Before going read carefully :

American law requires you to follow the administrative steps to register for Social Security. This will allow you to

live administratively in the United States and to be able, among other things, to be paid or open a bank account,

for example. Often, your employer can help you with the process. Social Security registration is mandatory.

You must go, in person, to the nearest Social Security office with the following documents:

  • "Dear Social Security Officer" letter. You may download the letter here  if you are participating in the INTERNSHIP or PCT USA programs.
  • Passport with your J-1 visa inside
  • I-94 form (you can print it from the following website
  • DS-2019 and SEVIS receipt (I-901)

Remember to ask for a receipt so you can start working without having to wait for your Social Security card. The delays in obtaining your Social Security number vary (up to 8 weeks) depending on the office or city where you made the request.

The Social Security number and card are given for life. If you already have one, you do not need to ask for a new one.

The Social Security Administration website:



- Can I contact you if I have questions during my stay in the US?

Yes, of course, please contact the Miami office at : 305.358.2244 or email and your visa sponsor !