About us

Intern Abroad is a recruitment agency established in the US and in Europe which helps students and young profesionnals to find a paid position in a US Based company. 

What we can do for you:

  • Formatting the resume in to US format
  • Finding the ideal experience in a great company
  • Helping with the J-1 visa
  • Organizing the interviews
  • 24/7 Assis­tance
  • Helping with best Medical Insurance

Candidates get to experience a job opportunity in the US and companies get high skilled graduates to diversify their workforce and to enhance their international presence! Thanks to theses companies Intern Abroad has enabled more that 1500 candidates to launch their careers in the US.


Leslie Dollet,

Fondatrice et Relation Visas

Leslie obtained her business diploma in Lille, France in 1999 and came to work in USA for an internship at the French American Chamber of Commerce in Miami. Leslie saw the needs of talents in Florida and started Intern Abroad to match great skilled candidates with great companies. She is now in charge of Your Silicon Valley program, a seminar to show students the positive work attiude and the key point of success. She will also be coordinating the J-1 visas.

Dorothée Lepoutre,
Company relations based in Miami

Dorothée Lepoutre,

Company Relations

Dorothee graduated in Marketing at ESCP Europe in 2000.  After working as a Marketing & CRM Manager in various countries, she moved to Miami in 2011 and has been managing Intern Abroad Miami's office since.  Dorothee is in charge of finding the right companies for the right candidates. She developed a great network in Miami and other cities in the US.

Sofia Toubani,
Candidate Relations based in Miami

Sofia Toubani,

Candidate Relations

Sofia has been working for Intern Abroad USA for 3 years. She holds a european Bachelor Degree in  Human Resources. Specialized in recruitment, she participates in reviewing resumes and interviews candidates in order to define their professional projects in the US. Her experience allows her to answer any question related to the J1 visa.